G&G ist Partner of TCI Transformation Consulting International

We often encounter resource-intensive or challenges which need a specific functional or industry-related insides that we do not wish to tackle alone due to our deliberately chosen “boutique style” business model.

In the interest of our clients we use in such cases our proven cooperation with TCI Transformation Consulting International. When taking into account individual team constellations this cooperation has proved for more than 15 years.

TCI Transformation Consulting International is Network of 380 Specialized Independent Partners, each of them with proven senior expertise in their specific field.

Please read about our work also on the TCI Homepage: https://tci-partners.com/horst-albert-guthmann/

Together with TCI Transformation Consulting International, we are able to provide our clients with the additional benefits of a large consulting group:

  • Enhanced delivery capacity through the provision of larger teams
  • Access to “cutting-edge” “expert know-how” in a wide range of issues
  • Detailed benchmarks from a international project portfolio

We assume the project lead of the combined team of consultants on site. We ensure that the relevant experts and the executive management of TCI Transformation Consulting International are involved in all stages of the project. Depending upon the requirements, the team will be staffed from colleagues from both TCI Transformation Consulting International and G&G Management Consultants.