To live up to our standards, we rely on a strong team of experienced professionals.

Lifelong learning and personal development in the excellent G&G team are the prerequisites to exercising our fascinating tasks sustainable for our customers.

Our Consultants particularly benefit from the transfer of knowledge and experience from our Partners. Our Partners are communicative, open to criticism, and enjoy exchanging ideas with younger colleagues to consider the latest research developments.

The G&G team’s exceptional motivation and willingness to perform are based on self-determination and teamwork.

The shared understanding of what defines “State-of-the-Art” Management Consulting and the successful cooperation and collaboration is strengthened and established over a period of many years.

Horst Albert Guthmann
, Partner

Horst Albert Guthmann has more than 20 years of experience as a management consultant. His project portfolio includes more than 140 projects with 33 different clients. His main focus lies in the implementation of strategic initiatives. Horst Albert Guthmann was born in an entrepreneurial family in Pforzheim – Baden. Horst founded G&G in 2004, 100 years after his grand-grandfather started his factory in 1904.