G&G Products and Services

Insides in current G&G project portfolio with Double-Deep Challenges of our Clients in Business and IT:

  • Concept and Implementation of new UX/CX (User-/Customer Experience) to reduce cost, complexity, and enable growth in customer satisfaction and revenues
  • Strategy and Implementation of a Digital Platform to enter New Markets:
    • Leveraging the core ESP (Emotional Selling Point: “Grown Ecosystem in Specific Market-Segment”)
    • New Business Metric, a New Business Model with Automated Operations in new End-to-End Application & IT Architecture
  • Increasing quality and reducing costs in run and change of a complex Application- and IT-Infrastructure in alternative options:
    • Re-Insourcing, differentiated up to complete outsourcing of relevant Services (Level 1, 2 and 3 – Definition based on ITIL)
    • Going digital by introducing hybrid solutions with on-/near and off-shore services centers and robotic services
  • Implementation of Growth Strategy in Retail Service Industry:
    • Vision, Roadmap, Business Metric and Plan, Marketing/Franchise Approach, Quality Management, and Securing  Standards to scale ESP (Emotional Selling Point “Multi Sensual Experience”), UX/CX, and Operation Modell, …
    • Systematic use of effects in scaling: Attractiveness for Employees, Clients, and Investors, Vitality in Growth, Securing Cost-Savings e.g. in Cross-Functions automation and digitalization and procurement, …

Our customers can count on us. We guide their Business to more Success.

We help to Reduce Costs, Increase Profits & Solve Major Constraints.

With our approach we analyse the core of the problem and provide clear precise suggestions for strong and intelligent solutions.

We Streamline Operations, Reduce Costs and Complexity, Upgrade Technology, Change Marketing Strategy, Improve Process/ Results or Launch New Products/ Services.

For us, the excellent quality of our services and the outstanding results of the project are more important than our own growth.

We apply strict standards:

  • We select only qualified and dedicated colleagues who conduct themselves respectably and properly; and who are also primarily interested in our customers’ needs.
  • Every project of G&G Mangement Consultants is supported by direct involvement of one of our highly qualified and experienced Partners.
  • We only take on tasks, which we are sure that we can deliver significant benefits.

The track record of the G&G team is characterized by projects with significant effects on cost, yield and quality.

Our tools and methods are customized systematically to each project from our own experiences, integrating State-of-the-Art approaches and techniques.

We focus on products and services that are geared to our customers’ individual needs.

Objectives, planning &
business models

Optimizing operation
models & processes

IT Solutions:
Optimizing IT “Front to
Back – End to End”

We combine our services in various stages of change; according to project cycles and to the individual requirements of the task, we offer the range of methods and tools of our three Products & Services.

We place great emphasis on significant and measurable results through our services.