IT Solutions: Products & Services


IT is essential and significantly drives a company’s value.

IT unlocks the potential for further development of strategies and business models, and significantly determines profitability.

There are rarely Transformations without IT Solutions or precise examinations of IT-related actions.

Based on our substantial and relevant knowledge of the industry and our systematic “Front-to-End” based view on operation models and processes, we support the following subjects:

  • IT Architecture (Strategy/ Line up)
    • Rightsizing/ Optimization of Value Chain
    • Cost- and Complexity Cutting
    • Vertical- and Horizontal Integration
  • IT Governance/ ITIL-Optimization
  • IT Audits (e.g. Cost cutting potentials)
  • Optimization IT Supply Chain
  • Evaluation of IT alternatives
  • System Installation/ Replacement
  • System Migration
  • System Integration
  • Connecting/ Integrating Insourcers
  • Test-Management/ Agile Method

We have an excellent track record in IT-Solutions. It is proven that we deliver IT Change “in time” and “in budget” and reduced significant IT-costs.

With the help of compact pre-studies, we evaluate and outline the requirements for the IT solution.

We systematically search for possibilities to reduce the project duration. To integrate, replace or implement IT systems, we often use proven blue prints.

Thus, replacing the core IT systems within a complex grown IT architecture with various databases and applications along the IT supply chain, can be accomplished within six months.

State-of-the-Art Test Management is essential for success.

  • Developer- and system-tests are strictly aligned with the documented requirements/ demands.
  • A stringent orientation on demands is ensured through efficient and organized feedback between developers, business analysts and users (agile methodology).
  • Acceptance and dynamism of the project are enhanced by performing user acceptance tests for isolated functions in the early phases of the project. Thus increases motivation and drive.
  • Front-to-End tests “as in production” enables our clients to ensure the efficiency and accuracy of the IT supply chain. Operative risks and debugging after Go-Life are systematically reduced to a minimum.

As Management Consultants, we strive in every IT project phase and every IT objective to optimize the IT contribution to the strategic position and to successful transformations of our clients.

For implementing IT-solutions, developing systems and technical integration in existing IT-architectures, we work in teams – with major international IT developers, system providers and integrators. We assume the project lead of the combined team of consultants on site. We ensure that the relevant experts are involved in all stages of the project.