Our Approach

Our consultative approach is based on tangible, sustainable initiatives:

Strengthening of Market
and Competetive Position:

Driven by customer needs
(Market based view)

Systematic enhancement
of clients’ strengths:

Driven by competencies
(Resource based view)

Optimization of
resource allocation:

Involvement of parties
(Change Management)

We are aware our clients have experts within their organisation who have a variety of existing ideas. From working with our clients for many years and based upon our experiences, we proceed by stimulating the process in order to extract the ideas by suggesting specific measures and involving and intergrating their internal experts.

We work together as a team with our clients and their experts on the objectives and the implementations of the solutions in all phases of the project.

Essential is our highly productive “hybrid native” approach, which systematically links the aspects of “Exploit & Explore”; “Efficiency & Innovation”, “Structure & Process”:

EXPLOIT – Structure (efficient project work):

  • G&G tools/ instruments & benchmarks
  • State-of-the-Art methods/ procedures
  • Discipline in measures and deadlines

EXPLORE – Process (innovative open exchange):

  • Impulse/ inspiration workshops
  • Scenarios/ simulations/ pilot schemes
  • Failure tolerance/ fast learning.

Consequent specialization, alignment with our customers’ interests and core values in our consulting approach ensure effective solutions.